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Squidy is a bucktail-like fluke rig, designed to give you the most action with the least amount of input, great for beginners and experts alike. There is no need to jig with Squidy as the action is created in its’ 'tentacles' from the sinker rubbing across the sea floor. Squidy makes an excellent addition to any tackle box!

Recommendation: Squidy is best used when set up in a standard 3 way rig with a 16"- 24" monofilament leader and a strip of squid for your bait (local works best).

 Disclaimer: Since products are hand finished, there may be some variances between product images and items received. Scuttlebutt Tackle Co. reserves the right to change and/or alter materials without notice.



Care Instructions

Rinse with freshwater after each use to help ensure a long life.

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