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Scuttlebutt Tackle Co.

The Killer Tease

The Killer Tease

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Inspired by sea life, forged by 3D printing, and hand-crafted to perfection. The Killer Tease is a lightweight narrow hard-bodied squid teaser, coming in at approximately 1/4oz. Delivering unique easy action like no other. The main difference between Squidy and the Killer Tease is the more narrow body allows the angler to be in higher current and keep a lighter weight bucktail. Each squid is thru wired with a 175 lbs test and has a bait holder barb hook.

Rigging of The Killer Tease:

  • Use as a teaser on a bucktail rig
  • Fluke rig
  • Chicken rig

Baits to use with The Killer Tease:

  • Squid strips
  • Squid strips w/ spearing 
  • Artificial baits of preference


 Disclaimer: Since products are hand finished, there may be some variances between product images and items received. Scuttlebutt Tackle Co. reserves the right to change and/or alter materials without notice.

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